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all photos by Keyler Matthews, Sammy Hearn & Autumn Dozier


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Tom & Jerry (hail mary!) available 9/22 !

Stream all of my released music here :)


"As featured on Fresh Finds: Pop, this Nashville-based artist introduces herself by stating, "I write songs and change my hair a lot." Candace in Wonderland's music sounds as colorful as her hair and visuals look.

-Glasse Factory

"Taking her music to a soulful and ethereal level, Candace Brown, also known as Candace in Wonderland, creates a bedroom-dream-pop sound that is sure to entice with its originality and charm. As an artist living with West Coast roots in Middle Tennessee, her style uniquely blends different styles that represent her truths and fosters authentic storytelling."
- Linsey Rotter (Music Mecca)
"Next level music, I think it’s innovative. Describe Candace’s sound as original, she’s focused on quality. We will hear a lot from her in the future."



About Candace in Wonderland

Candace in Wonderland introduces herself by stating "I like to write songs and change my hair". Being a fan of the surreal, Candace adopted the name "in Wonderland" in 2019 when it started to become apparent that her sound was creating a dreamland of sorts.

Since then, Candace has been keeping this dreamland alive by reinventing her look with each release, changing hair colors from pink, to mint green and yellow and now landing in a literal interpretation of the new single "semi-permanent", with blue & green.





Label: Independent 

Booking: Candace Brown |

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